Inventing the Movies: The Hidden Technological History of Hollywood
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Sony Betamax
Studios felt so threatened by the prospect of consumers recording their movies and TV shows off the air that they sued Sony, the creator of the Betamax recorder. The case went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

  • NPR “Talk of the Nation” Science Friday: Talking about the history and future of technology in Hollywood with host Ira Flatow. (Streaming audio or MP3 podcast from iTunes)

  • New York Times “Tech Talk” podcast, with J.D. Biersdorfer. (MP3 file)

  • Harvard Business Online podcast: Discussing the book with host Paul Michelman. (MP3 file)

  • Book presentation given at Google, in October 2008, as part of their “Authors@Google” series.

  • Video interview with NewTeeVee editor Liz Gannes.

  • Video of book presentation at the Hillside Club, October 2008.

  • Video interview with filmmaker and cinematographer David Tamés.

  • Podcast with the Museum of Science, Boston: Talking about the book to promote an event at the museum on November 12, 2008.

  • Workbook Project podcast: Filmmaker Lance Weiler, one of the key players in the book, interviews me. (MP3 file)

  • I chat with Cass Warner Sperling about her new documentary, The Brothers Warner, and their role in the evolution of Hollywood. Sperling is the grand-daughter of Harry Warner, one of the studio's founding silblings. (MP3 file)

  • Video conversation about the book with host Andy Plesser.

  • Audio conversation with Peter Broderick, talking about the book, how independent filmmakers are using technology, and the future of film festivals. (Here's the longer, unedited version in MP3 form.)

  • Video of a panel discussion from October 2008 called “Tech @ The Movies.” Panel includes execs from Avid Technology, GenArts, Synthespian Studios, Brickyard VFX, and EZTakes.

  • “What Innovators Can Learn from Hollywood”: Keynote talk delivered in March 2008 to NERCOMP, a group of technologists who work for educational institutions. (MP3 file)

  • “Digital Cinema for Indies”: Panel discussion from the 2008 South by Southwest Film Festival, featuring execs from WinterTek, Landmark Theatres, Technicolor, Emerging Cinemas, and filmmaker Lance Weiler. (Quicktime video part 1 / Quicktime video part 2)

  • “Studio SX”: Chatting about the book, the South by Southwest Film Festival, Internet video, and more with Karina Longworth, blogger-in-chief at (Quicktime video)

  • “Collision Course: Content Providers and the Creative Community Chart a Course for the Future”: Panel discussion from the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, including execs from MTV New Media, JibJab, UStream Entertainment, and filmmaker Maria Maggenti. (Streaming audio)

  • “A Conversation with Mark Stern”: Stern is one of the most innovative theater owners in the U.S., and his family has run movie theaters since the silent era. (Streaming and downloadable video)

  • “A Conversation with Tim Partridge”: Dolby Labs exec Partridge talks about the company’s strategy for digital 3-D. (Streaming and downloadable video)

  • “A Conversation with Brett Gaylor”: Gaylor, a Canadian documentary filmmaker, is taking a collaborative, “open source” approach to his next project. (Streaming and downloadable video)

  • “A Conversation with M dot Strange”: M dot, an animator based in San Jose, talks about his approach to movie-making, audience-building, and distribution. (Streaming and downloadable video)

  • “The Future of the Movies”: August 2006 panel discussion including execs from Disney, Universal Pictures, Dolby Labs, 2929 Entertainment, and director Randal Kleiser. I served as moderator. (MP3 file)

  • “Your Space on My Tube: How to Engage with the Online World and Make Money”: Panel discussion from the 2006 Digimart conference in Montreal, including one of the creators of the original “Extreme Diet Coke & Mentos” viral video. I moderated. (Streaming video)

  • “Future Theatres: How to Revitalize the Exhibition Experience”: Panel discussion from the 2006 Digimart conference in Montreal. (Streaming video)