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Fans, Friends & Followers paperback, available at CreateSpace and Amazon.com.

Amazon Kindle edition

Fans, Friends & Followers is available now as a 181-page paperback with lots of black-and-white photos ($14.95), or an Amazon Kindle version ($9.99). You can also download a totally free PDF version, with color images. See below for info. . .

The 6x9 paperback version is available through CreateSpace (which offers better profit margins to me, the author) or Amazon.com (which may be a more convenient place for you to purchase it, so go right ahead). The price is the same in both places.

If you would like to support your neighborhood bookstore (and why wouldn’t you?), they can special order the book for you using the ISBN # 978-1442100749.

About the free e-book version: the 8.5 x 11 pages are formatted for easy printing. The document is DRM-free, and can be read on a variety of e-book devices. You can also pass it along to anyone you’d like. But my one request: if you find the book useful, and would like to support my future work, please donate whatever you feel is appropriate using the Donate button on this page. (Yes, even $1 is appreciated. Before March 2013, the e-book sold for $10.) Click here to download the PDF, which is about 5 megabytes.

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