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Evan and Gregg Spiridellis
Evan and Gregg Spiridellis, founders of the production studio JibJab Media, are best-known for their satirical animations that always just seem to “go viral.” But starting in 1999, they began building an e-mail database of their fans that eventually reached four million people.

What people are saying about Fans, Friends & Followers:

“Making a living in the Long Tail means taking matters into your own hands, crafting a marketing strategy that’s just right for you and your work. This book compiles the stories of those who’ve done it best. You’ll get ideas from every one of them. Inspiring and incredibly useful — Kirsner has assembled a playbook for the social media age.”

Chris Anderson, Editor, Wired magazine and Author, The Long Tail

“The flood of content and the proliferation of distribution channels make it increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd... For creative artists, Fans, Friends & Followers provides insightful case studies and valuable techniques for growing an audience and finding ways to make a sustainable business from artistic expression.”

Kendall Whitehouse, Technology Editor, Knowledge@Wharton

Fans, Friends & Followers is packed with useful information about how to create a following online and possibly quit your day job. Kirsner, who writes extensively about film for a variety of publications as well as his own CinemaTech blog, did his homework, conducting dozens of conversations with successful artists who have created enthusiastic followings and featuring their words in a section of first-person narratives interviews that make up the majority of the book.”

Paul Gillin, Social Media Expert and Author, The New Influencers

“Kirsner’s book is a valuable resource, one that illustrates the ways in which content creators are navigating, and sometimes profiting from, what Chris Anderson has described as the ‘long tail’ of digital distribution and what others have described as do-it-yourself (DIY) distribution.”

Chuck Tryon, Professor of Film and Media Studies and Author, Reinventing Cinema

“This book will help you think about new business models, how to build an audience around you work, and challenge the old notion that independent media makers should think of themselves as auteurs waiting to be discovered by the record, movie, or television industries or a forward thinking curator. ...It’s a brave new world, and Scott’s timely book provides practical insights into carving your own path towards nurturing fans, making friends, and building your own following.”

David Tamés, Filmmaker and Editor,

“Scott Kirsner is the writer who has most astutely followed and given insights about the revolution and merging of entertainment (film/music) and the Internet. He...has a laser-like focus on the truths that appear from people’s experiences making media and breaking rules in the 21st Century.”

Tiffany Shlain, Documentary Filmmaker and Founder of the Webby Awards

“As with the best books, FF&F will likely inspire you to try something new, whether you’re a creative person yourself or someone who’s more interested in the marketing side of the business. It’s highly recommended, especially since, as readers of his already know, Scott writes in a highly-engaging and easy to understand way.”

Chris Thilk, Editor, Movie Marketing Madness

Friends, Fans & Followers is filled with useful and practical information on using the Internet for marketing and outreach. Scott has done pioneering and dogged research and has interviewed over 30 pioneers and innovators who have had successful outreach campaigns, and he lets readers know the nuts and bolts of their successes.”

— Rhonda Moskowitz, Filmmaker and Organizer, Connect the Docs

“This is not just a book to put on your LinkedIn reading list to look cool. Fans, Friends & Followers is a book to get now and read now.”

Tom Lewis, Bostonist

“Scott Kirsner’s Fans, Friends & Followers is just what the doctor ordered in this age in which everyone is trying to build an online presence. The book offers a number of solutions and angles for people to use when developing a fan base and community around their work...whether they be an independent filmmaker, musician, blogger, podcaster, whatever.”

Matthew Jeppsen, Editor, FreshDV

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