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Here are ten of my favorite quotes from the artist interviews in Fans, Friends & no particular order.

  • “For me, experimentation is not about the technology. In an ever-changing technological landscape, where today’s platforms are not tomorrow’s platforms, the key seems to be that any one of these spaces can use a dose of humanity and art and culture.”

    — Ze Frank, Multimedia Artist and Creator of “theshow”

  • “I think the most successful things we’ve done, in terms of Machiavellian marketing online, had no real marketing impetus to begin with. They were just things we though would be fun to do.”

    — Damian Kulash, Singer and Guitarist, OK Go

  • “We innovate, we produce, we release, we get the response.”

    — Gregg Spiridellis, Co-Founder, JibJab Media

  • “We felt like our job was really just to engage the communities that already care about the issues in our movie. That’s a lot easier than trying to convince people to be interested in your film.”

    — Curt Ellis, Co-Writer and Co-Producer, King Korn

  • “I believe in diversification of income, because you never know what will happen. I’m a slightly paranoid person who thinks things could be ruined at any time.”

    — Eugene Mirman, Comedian and Writer

  • “The audience votes with their ‘forward’ button. If they see a video that they think has something to say, they forward it. All the money in the world and all the king’s horses can’t get them to do that. In that sense, it’s truly the free market.”

    — Robert Greenwald, Documentary Filmmaker

  • “You give away a certain amount of your stuff, and then the cultural economy of cool kicks in.”

    — DJ Spooky, Musican, Writer and Multimedia Artist

  • “What I find is that people really love being able to be in contact with you personally. Before, there was this distance between the artist and the fan. With the Internet, it’s like they’re your best friend.”

    — Natasha Wescoat, Artist and Designer

  • “We learned how to politely say no to things that were going to affect our lives negatively. If it’s going to be fun, if we’re going to enjoy doing it, and if the end project is going to be something we want to have happen, we say yes.”

    — Mike Chapman, Co-Creator, “Homestar Runner”

  • “The most important advice I have for any creative person is ‘Do you.’ Figure out what you love, what you are good at, what your market is, and how you are going to contribute to the future of visual culture.”

    — Matt W. Moore, Artist & Graphic Designer

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